Making Our Schools Work

We act as a type of Watchdog to prevent corruption, mismanagement, and misleading curriculum from taking over school districts.

What we're doing

Save Our Schools is an organization that acts as a watchdog for local school boards and administrators.  Our goal is to empower students and taxpayers by exposing corruption, mismanagement, and misleading curriculum that damages school districts and harms communities.  

The American Constitution made provisions to ensure that education would be managed by the states and not by the Federal government.  The founding fathers knew that towns people know what is best for their children and community. 

Boards of Education shouldn’t be involved in political issues.  It can be troubling to see institutions we trust be misguided by agendas.  Our job is to look carefully at:

  • Who is running for an education board seat in your town

  • Investigate the instruction your child is receiving

  • Evaluate who is being hired.

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What we stand for

  • Save Our Schools is committed to supporting strong academic achievement for all students. We stand behind teachers who are committed to keeping politics and bias out of the classroom.

  • Save Our Schools supports healthy law enforcement and encourages programs that embrace a community to precinct connection, in order to educate and protect both officers and civilians. The men and women in blue risk their lives to keep communities safe.  Take time to learn more about your local precinct!

  • Save Our Schools stands against unfounded or harmful theories, curriculum, and organizations that push identity politics, targets certain groups, or promotes discrimination in any way.

  • Recruit Other Parents and Stakeholders

    a. If you fear that harmful propaganda curriculum, such as

    —Critical Race Theory (a.k.a. Culturally Responsive Teaching), a tool of Marxism that divides students and creates an oppressed/oppressor society.

    —Social Emotional Learning.  This started out as a good idea to prevent bullying, but increased complaints show it is being used callously to manipulate children’s emotions.

    —Diversity & Inclusion Lessons. Sounds like something we all want. Unfortunately, further inspection of lessons shows it intends to do the opposite of what it claims.

    If these are in your school district, you should take action quickly.

    b. Gather others who share your concerns. They can be parents from your school or district, neighbors, family members, or members of any social or religious groups you’re a part of.

  • Stay Vigilant

    a. Don’t give up if you do not receive a favorable response from school leaders. Have multiple members of your group contact them and press them for action.

    b. Record responses from leaders, follow-up, and hold them accountable for what they say they will do.

    c. Begin FOIL requests (Freedom of Information Law). Simply go to your school district’s website and search for the FOIL form or e-mail the district clerk. Fill out the form: asking for purchase orders, training, Equity Team meetings & minutes & members, conventions or symposiums regarding equity, White privilege, diversity or inclusion and provide a time frame (ex. 01/01/2018-06/30/2021).  As a taxpayer, you have a legal right to these documents.

    d. Reach out to support groups, such as Save Our Schools, to help spread the word and learn more.


SaveOurSchools is not affiliated with any organization or group.